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When I walk into Breathe.  I feel like I am coming over to my friends house.  The physical therapists here are super personable. They are moms, they are real life!

Melissa S.

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Play, run, work, stand, sit, sleep, exercise, walk, enjoy sex, deliver babies & recover from pregnancy with less pain, better posture, more strength, fewer bladder problems, reduced GI discomfort & more confidence to live the second half of life with more energy & intention than the first.


Physical therapy for pregnant women, before and after birth.  Fearless birth, strong recovery.


Dry needling complimented with expert physical therapy.  Alleviate muscle pain.

Alleviate stubborn muscle knots with dry needling. 

If it’s right for you, and after a full assessment from your physical therapist a thin filliform needle is inserted directly into trigger points (muscle knot).  It causes your muscle to twitch, relieving the tension in the muscle and making the muscle soft and flexible again. It’s followed by movement retraining and strengthening to maintain results.

Call Breathe. today to schedule a full evaluation and see if dry needling can help you!


If you are experiencing pelvic pain, our team can help.  Our specialty is your relief.  Get your life back!

We offer additional services to help you have peace of mind, get stronger and avoid surgery.

We offer additional services to help you have peace of mind, get stronger and avoid surgery.

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