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I’ve seen multiple providers at Breathe, and they’ve all been wonderful! I’ve seen improvements in my health and symptoms since going to Breathe, and I always feel welcomed and comfortable in their space. I cannot recommend them enough!

EmmaRose B.

LOVE these ladies! They care so much about getting people out of pain and ensure they are educated and empowered to heal. They were wonderful when I had postpartum issues, then I got to do dry needling for running tightness, AMAZING. Yesterday, I slept terribly due to some pain and I called first thing and they got me in for dry needling LITERALLY the next hour. Best night’s sleep in SO long! Thank you SO much gals, I sing your praises ALL THE TIME.

Stephanie M.

Personalized with whole body care. Most important for me, learning to BREATHE in a way to benefit my whole., both physically and mentality. Putting me in control with guidance from supportive, knowledgeable, down to earth care. Can’t leave out- learning about Urban pole walking! Such a game changer!!

Theresa S.

The moment I walked into the door at Breathe, I knew it could only be the right decision. The atmosphere was that of a calming, relaxing home not a sterile office. My therapist was extremely knowledgeable and was so informative of how we were going to treat my issue as a team. I walked away feeling confident that my pain and issue was going to be resolved. I will be referring others to Breathe!

Mary B.

As an LMT and spa owner, I’m confident sending out clients to all of the PTs at Breathe. We first learned of these amazing women because so many of our clients received excellent results from their physical therapy at Breathe.

Cassie S.

Breathe is not your typical physical therapy visit. They listen and adjust to what you need that day and create complimentary exercise plans to go with what you need. We didn’t spend the entire session doing the same exercises. Instead, we focus on things I can’t do at home like dry needling or loosing muscles I can’t get to easily. Truly, my experience was life changing and I’m so thankful to have found Breathe!

Kayla V.

This team of physical therapists do a great job providing care that’s personalized and empowering. Love Breathe!

Elizabeth S.

I went to Libby and Kaylee for help with a postpartum diastasis recti but got so much more than expected. Not only did they help me learn how to truly stabilize and strengthen my core, but I learned how pelvic floor dysfunction impacts endometriosis and that there are treatment options that can help manage the pain.

Eve W.

I can’t say enough positive here! Libby has such a strong reputation in the DM area and she lived up to it. She has an uncanny ability to diagnose and treat a problem. I’d recommend her and Breathe. to anyone!

Nate R.

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Our Services

Play, run, work, stand, sit, sleep, exercise, walk, enjoy sex, deliver babies & recover from pregnancy with less pain, better posture, more strength, fewer bladder problems, reduced GI discomfort & more confidence to live the second half of life with more energy & intention than the first.


Physical therapy for pregnant women, before and after birth.  Fearless birth, strong recovery.


Dry needling complimented with expert physical therapy.  Alleviate muscle pain.

Alleviate stubborn muscle knots with dry needling. 

If it’s right for you, and after a full assessment from your physical therapist a thin filliform needle is inserted directly into trigger points (muscle knot).  It causes your muscle to twitch, relieving the tension in the muscle and making the muscle soft and flexible again. It’s followed by movement retraining and strengthening to maintain results.

Call Breathe. today to schedule a full evaluation and see if dry needling can help you!


If you are experiencing pelvic pain, our team can help.  Our specialty is your relief.  Get your life back!

We offer additional services to help you have peace of mind, get stronger and avoid surgery.

We offer additional services to help you have peace of mind, get stronger and avoid surgery.

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