3 Clues That You May Need Mental Health Counseling

Why Your Physical Symptoms May Need a Mental Solution

3 clues that you may need mental health counseling for your physical healing Breathe. Physical Therapy Best Local Physical Therapy Near Me

Physical and mental health run hand-in-hand.  Have you had a sore back for years and it just won’t get better?  Have you tried physical therapy, chiropractic care or acupuncture and it helps for a little bit, but the pain is always there?  

Here are a few scenarios that could mean that counseling is what has been missing from your physical healing.  

  1. You keep blaming yourself for your injury.

You tripped, fell down the stairs and broke your leg.  It was 2 years ago and your leg still hurts.  You are so mad at yourself for being so clumsy and causing so much trouble and having to ask for help from others.  

On a whim you decided to go ziplining.  When you landed you hurt your low back and it’s been a year and it still won’t go away. That was a really dumb idea and you never should have done it.

2. You go on vacation and your pain goes away.

You were unhappy and stressed when you first started having pain.  It was an exceptionally stressful day at work and when you got home, your low back started aching. The next morning it was even worse, you could barely get out of bed.  It has been 6 months and it’s still there.  You went on vacation with your family and surprisingly, the plane ride didn’t hurt your back at all!  You even went horseback riding and laid on the beach and your back didn’t hurt at all when you got up!  Now you’re back and you don’t know if you overdid it or not, but your back is hurting again. 

3. Your pain started around the same time of another life event. 

Transition to motherhood.  The loss of a loved one. Divorce. A breakup.  A new job. Graduating from college.  Abuse.  Every experience we have can contribute to physical symptoms.  

Our goal for you is not just to be pain-free, but for you to live a vibrant, active and energetic lifestyle.  Mental health therapy may be the missing link to you living your life to its full potential and enjoyment.  You deserve it.  

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