3 Simple Solutions to Reduce Back Pain Right Now

The 3 Things I Did to Get Rid of Low Back Pain So I Could Run

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As an extroverted physical therapist, I’m constantly dishing out advice and for years of my career, was not “walking the walk”.  It wasn’t until I had two babies, the second a c-section, that I started actually doing what I was telling everyone else to do. I told all my people they needed to strengthen their core, but I wasn’t focusing on it myself.  I taught women every day how to breathe optimally, but it wasn’t integrated into my life. 

Here are the three things I did to go from couch to 5k goal, to running a half marathon without low back pain.  

1. I started breathing into my back and pelvis.

Not only did this ease my back pain, but it nearly eliminated cold sores from stress.  You’ve heard the phrase diaphragmatic breathing, but did you know you also need to breathe into your back and pelvic floor?  Check out this blog to learn how.

2. I focused on my core exercises.

The deep core muscles can only work the best when they’re coordinated with the breath. Once you can breathe, you can coordinate that with the deepest layers of your core.  That layer acts as a support system for your body, so joints and muscles aren’t overworked and underpaid.   

3. I started using guided meditation

I started with apps like Calm and Headspace. As I got better at knowing what I needed and what really worked for me, I started doing it throughout the day on my own.  

The best days are when I combine all three of these tips.  I feel my best after connecting my breath to my pelvic floor during a self-guided meditation.  I went from a goal to run a 5k without walking, to completing a half marathon.  All of the things that I started actually doing are now recorded into our Breathe. At Home membership program.