3 Things Contributing to Your Pelvic Pain That Aren’t Inside Your Pelvis

Surprising Things That May Be Causing Pelvic Pain

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We Breathe. ladies have a favorite saying, and you have probably heard us say it numerous times. Any guesses on what it is?! That’s right, you guessed it–”It’s ALL connected!” So there is no surprise when we chat about pelvic pain, that there are other areas that could be contributing to your discomfort. 

Listed are 3 areas that can impact pelvic pain + tips on how you can help yourself out!

1. Inner Thigh Muslces (also known as adductors)

These puppies refer pain right to the pelvic region. After all, one of the places they attach is the pubic bone. Hello round ligament pain for all the pregnant mamas out there! Try the stretch below to help loosen those muscles up.

side stretch tight hamstrings breathe physical therapy des moines west des moines

2. Booty Tightness!

If we have pain within the pelvis, we can’t ignore the muscles surrounding the outside of the pelvis. Believe it or not, some hip muscles are pelvic floor muscles! If you can’t shake your hips like Shakira, try this stretch out! Bonus points for listening to “Hips don’t like” while you stretch it out!

figure four stretch for tight glutes breathe physical therapy des moines west des moines

3. Restrictions Through The Tummy

Have you had a c-section recently or another major abdominal surgery? Do you feel like you are constantly squeezing your ab muscles? If you have never received a tummy massage, you are in for a treat my friend! Make small circles with your fingers and work through your entire abdomen. I think you’ll be surprised at the relief you feel!

csection preparation recovery scar tissue breathe physical therapy des moines west des moines

As always, we are here for you through every step of YOUR journey. If these tricks don’t work for you, we have many more ideas up our sleeves that might be the ticket to your pelvic pain relief. Give the office a call to set-up your appointment today!