3 Things I Tell My Clients That Have Nothing to Do With Exercise

The 3 things Dr. Molly Repeats to Help Women Feel Energetic, Vibrant and Active

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What first pops into your mind when you think about physical therapy?  A lot of you will think about boring exercises, maybe a big therapy ball or some exercise bands.  Everyday I work with people dealing with low back pain, migraines, or other complicated medical problems and there is a magical time during our first meeting that I believe helps them more than anything.  I’ve been a Doctor of Physical Therapy for over a decade, and I want to share the 3 things I repeat more than anything else to help people feel energetic, vibrant and active, and they have nothing to do with exercises. 

1. You Are Not a Mess!

I do not know why we are wired to think that we must (or to validate how crappy we feel, want to be) the “worst case of __________ “ a medical provider has ever seen.  I spent years helping people after brain injuries, car accidents, and massive strokes, trust me when I say, you are not a mess.  This isn’t the worst muscle knot I’ve ever felt.  Telling yourself that you are a mess will only perpetuate the feeling that you are a mess.  And you’re not.  You’re awesome. 

2. I Believe You.

Imagine you’ve been to doctor after doctor, sometimes over many years, and no one can find a “reason” for why you feel so awful.  They definitely haven’t found anything to give you some relief. “I feel like I’m crazy”. Especially those dealing with pelvic pain or endometriosis, which often takes over 5 years to get any sort of help or diagnosis. 

I believe you are the most powerful words I’ve ever spoken. 

3. Breathing Helps Everything

Seriously.  Every single person that walks into my clinic has a breathing assessment.  Chronic pain and guarding makes your breath more shallow. That keeps you in your fight/flight/freeze mode and you will not feel as good as possible without changing your breathing.  Constipation, irritable bowel and even headaches can be relieved by optimal breathing.  Watch the video below to learn more.  

Physical therapy students, future medical doctors, employers or anyone just wanting to be a good person in the world, start saying these three things to the people surrounding you.  Start saying them to yourself.  See what happens.