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We’re so glad you’re here and we look forward to being your partner in holistic healing. Provide your information and we’ll contact you right away. If you’d rather call us, you can reach our clinic at (515) 255-3932. Thank you for choosing Breathe. 

What you can expect during a visit

Our focus is on holistic healing and partnership, working with you to identify the true cause of your symptoms.  We do this through careful questioning and listening, observation of posture, gait (walking) and movement, as well as the use of our hands to feel the mobility of joints, muscles, connective tissues, and nerves.  Ultimately, we wish to work with you to accomplish your goals.

If your concerns are pelvic in nature, an internal assessment of your pelvic floor muscles via the vaginal or anal canal may be indicated.  You may bring someone to be with you in the room if you feel more comfortable. Here’s what you can expect from your first pelvic floor physical therapy visit. Please be sure to fill out the pelvic health form.

Please also be aware that Breathe. is passionate about educating other physical therapists and students about our treatment methods, so a student or PT observer may be present and participate in your care, with your consent.

We are in-network with BCBS and Midland’s Choice.  Even if we are not in network with your insurance company, especially if you are paying on a deductible, physical therapy with us will cost you LESS than most other physical therapy clinics.  You will achieve YOUR goals in fewer visits & with greater understanding of the causes and fixes for your problem.

Because of federal regulations, we are completely unable to work with Medicare Clients unless it is via video or telehealth for Iowa residents only. If you are as infuriated by this as we are, please call your congressperson!

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