The Importance of Weight Lifting for All Women

How and Why You Should Make Strength a Priority

We all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to staying active. I’m a runner and cyclist. Maybe you’re a walker or a hiker or a Zumba-er. Whatever it is, there are things you don’t have to force us to do. For me, I’m all in on the cardio. I love ‘sweating it out’ and getting outside. 

What I haven’t been “all in” on is lifting. Why? It’s not super fun for me. Plus I feel out of place among all of the body builder people at the gym. I’m a runner, not a lifter. It feels like they know I’m not one of them! They see me picking up the smallest dumbbells on the far left!

BUT – I know lifting has a major positive impact on how I feel. 

Not just running and biking, but picking up heavy stuff at the grocery store or rearranging my furniture. That all gets way harder when I stop making strength a priority. I’ve tried at home strength training sessions, the Nike Fit app, free weights, machine weights, classes, everything!

I was doing it all wrong. 

I didn’t have a specific training plan. I stuck to familiar body weight lifts that were super boring. I literally had the same routine for 2 years. YEARS!

Something needed to change.

I knew a specific, time-oriented, variable training plan was the best way to get a better gain from my lifts. Using my old habits, I’d stopped lifting regularly. I stopped feeling strong. And I stopped showing up for myself.

This fresh, shiny new year is different.

I’m back at the gym lifting weights twice a week. With a specific, time-oriented, variable training plan that I found on the internet. It pairs with my running and cycling to complement, not make me more tired. And?

I’m all in.

I feel strong again. I’m showing up for myself, holding myself accountable to what’s good for me. I may never love lifting as much as I love running and cycling. But we all eat our broccoli, right?

I am strong.

Lifting shows me how strong I am. I can do things that aren’t easy or super comfortable if they’re great for me. Those big body builders at the gym don’t give a crap if I’m taking the tiniest or the biggest dumbbells. I am both a runner AND a lifter.

Show up for yourself. 

Whatever, however, and wherever that may be. My lifting helped me deadlift an armchair without the help of my husband. And I ran a long run with zero soreness (ZERO!!)  May you also lift that toddler or rearrange your living room with ease! We’ll be here in your corner encouraging you and cheering you on. You’re absolutely worth it.