Benefits of a Strong Female Network

How Building Community and Empowering One Another is Everything

A few weeks ago, Libby spent an afternoon and evening with some pretty amazing women business owners.

She hit up the book signing for The Joy Revolution by Louisa Dykstra. Louisa was one of Libby’s mentors when she had her first business as a Norwex consultant 7 years ago.

Then she rubbed elbows with Jenny Quiner of the Dug Farmstand and Dogpatch Urban Garden and her very good friend Jenn Riggs of Wander Women.

She is incredibly grateful to know these women and her personal and professional lives are richer because of it.


We highly recommend surrounding yourself with a network of women for the following reasons:

1. Built in business advice

Nobody who is crushing goals and reaching their wildest version of success is doing it alone. That’s why personal coaches, virtual assistants, self-help books, podcasts, and physical therapists exist; to help others grow and achieve. Having a solid community of women you trust, who are doing the same business building dance, means built in advice and constant bouncing of ideas.

2. Moral support and inspiration

Building a business is no easy feat. There are many moving pieces and a constant balancing act of all the things we manage on a day-to-day basis as entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, friends, daughters, siblings, bosses, etc. Women are the foundation for inspiration, creativity and moral support!

3. Automatic cheerleaders

There are so many ways to support a small business you love, and that’s what strong female networks are good at! Celebrating wins, sharing social media posts, product launches, and shouting successes from rooftops. What a HUGE perk for everyone.

So, what do we want you to do? Find your network! While you’re at it, fiind some joy, go camping and get outdoors and then shop for locally produced food at the Farmstand!

We want to hear about your network! Who are the women in your life that make your network strong?