Best Toilet Paper For Sensitive Skin

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Breathe. Best Toilet Paper For Sensitive Skin

Previously, we exposed the fact that toilet paper may be the cause of vulvar irritation. At the end of our article we briefly suggested changing toilet paper brands but which brand is the best for your behind?

Here are some top choices for toilet paper:

All of the bath tissue above is less processed and contains less irritating chemicals. For those eco-friendly shoppers, bamboo toilet paper is better for the environment and softer than recycled paper!

An Even Better Option Than Toilet Paper

But wait…there is an even better option…going paperless with a bidet! Ok, ok, calm down my fellow Americans. Bidets are widely used across the globe and are finally starting to catch on in the States. The use of water eliminates the need for as many paper products. You do not leave the bathroom and wipe your hands with a dry paper towel so why do we entrust our most sensitive areas to that kind of treatment? Plus bidets can cut your cost of toilet paper by 75%!

Here are two options for attachable bidets:

The above options are the most minimalistic forms of bidets. You can purchase bidet attachments for your pre-existing toilets, new bidet seats, or an entire bidet toilet. There are models available with air drying technology and even heated seats.

For those that find toilet paper to be irritating to their nether regions, there are options. So stop wiping yourself with chemical papers and start having a happy hiney!