Bladder Leaks: How Your Diet Might Be Contributing to Pants Peeing

How Your Diet Affects Your Bladder

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Do you ever feel like you need to pee, like, all the time? There are many causes of increased urinary frequency but your diet could be playing a role. 

In response to visiting the toilet frequently, people often decrease their water intake to avoid the bathroom. Although your bladder is meant to hold your pee, urine can be quite irritating to the bladder lining. Reducing fluid intake will result in a concentration of urine and therefore an increase in bladder irritation. You should be drinking 48-64 oz. or 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Although a change in diet cannot “cure” bladder irritation, there are dietary suggestions to help control the problem. An irritated bladder often signals it needs to be emptied more frequently. The following is a helpful guideline of things to reduce or avoid in order to enhance your overall bladder function and therefore improve symptoms.

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Speaking from experience, sometimes the large morning coffee is worth the extra trip or two to empty my bladder in the mid-morning. Below are some substitutions if you find you just can’t give something up!


  • Coffee → try KAVA®, Postum®, Pero®, Kaffree Roma®
  • Tea → steeping in cold water (sun-brewed) reduces the acid content; try herbal teas
  • Chocolate → try white chocolate or carob
  • Cheese → try American, ricotta, cottage cheese, or cream cheese
  • Carbonated Beverages → sprinkle a little salt on non-diet soft drink to make it go flat
  • Tomatoes → try yellow or home-grown tomatoes

While every person’s body and circumstance is different, minimizing these bladder irritants may help.

If you’re experiencing bladder leaks, we can help. Let pants peeing be a thing of the past.