Breathe. Physical Therapy Announces Telehealth Physical Therapy Appointments

What That Means For You

Breathe. Physical Therapy and Wellness unveils exciting, new offer for clients to receive the same high-level care from the comfort of their own home.

Telehealth is an option that provides direct video contact between the client and physical therapist, without having to ever leave the house. This secure video service is covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance plans, and provides regular 45 minute sessions where clients can establish new care and continue progression towards their ongoing goals.

More details can be found by calling the clinic at 515-255-3932 or by visiting our blog.

We have all already served so many clients this week through telehealth and it’s going amazing! We get to help you continue to progress your plan of care in the actual set up you are functioning in all day. Experiencing pain rolling in bed or getting ready due to pubic pain pregnant? Show us! Back pain carrying you baby or putting them in the crib? Show us! Are you doing well with your strengthening and ready to progress to harder exercises? Let’s do it with the actual set up and equipment you have in your house! Suddenly working from home and want help with making the most ergonomic set up possible? Let us see it and help! Having more aches and pains from being in a different routine and want help feeling better with things you can actually do at home, there’s so much help to be had,” Dr. Kaylee Caroll of Breathe.

Breathe. is a two-clinic holistic physical therapy practice in Des Moines and West Des Moines specializing in women’s health, female athletes, pregnancy/postpartum pain and recovery and pelvic floor dysfunction and pain. Their mission is to provide hope and inspiration so women can live the energetic, vibrant, active lives they deserve.