Elvie: Pelvic Floor Trainer Review

Breathe.’s Experience With This Pelvic Training Device

Elvie is a kegel trainer for a stronger pelvic floor. We know that when our pelvic floor is stronger (but not overactive) we experience better bladder and bowel control, smoother postpartum recovery and better sex. 

On the Elvie website, it claims to provide results in less than 4 weeks. Dr. Libby Trausch purchased it to try herself.

Once you receive your Elvie, you download an app on your phone and it shows you via a graph how well you are doing with contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. Based on your results, it will provide a customized workout and even send reminders to your phone so that you don’t forget to do them.

Libby finds it would be fantastic for individuals with weak pelvic floor muscles. This includes pants peeing and prolapse. 

For overactive muscles, it’s best to work with a physical therapist to find out if this will be beneficial for you or make your symptoms worsen.

Libby believes this is best to be used in conjunction with a women’s health physical therapist so that you can develop a deep understanding of the mechanism of the work you’re doing and hold yourself accountable to doing your exercises at home! 

Have you tried Elvie? 

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