Growing up, my mom always told me that I had big emotions because I had a big heart (cute, right?).

As a kiddo, I cried a little extra hard sometimes, my boo boos were pretty much the end of the world, and when I got excited – oh boy, oh boy how I would jump for joy.

Into adulthood, I have been able to get a much better handle on my emotions, for the most part, but I have definitely had some times that have challenged both my mental and physical ability to keep my emotions in check.

Yesterday (day 1 of my cycle), I made a big connection with my big emotions. There was a cutie patootie baby in the office that smiled the cutest little smile and I instantly started tearing up. Woo those hormones were goin’! The connection? Well, baby fever is definitely going strong these days, but my body was in an extra sensitive state because of: All. The. Things. I had cramps and a headache, my back was feeling a little extra achey, I didn’t get enough sleep and I had an extra sensitive reaction with my emotions too. My body knew something was going on that was making me feel not so great, and it responded in a big way.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the conversations our brains have with our bodies.

We have this amazing ability to hold onto our thoughts and experiences within the body, which plays a huge role in our daily functioning. Particularly when we have been challenged, whether we’ve gone through physical trauma (anything from an ankle sprain to childbirth) or emotional trauma, our bodies have the ability to remember and hold on.

This can impact:

  • The way our brain perceives the next challenge we go through
  • The next stress we face
  • Even the way we handle getting overwhelmed with happy thoughts of little babies smiling

Not only is it important for us to recognize the physical things our bodies go through, but it is just as important for us to understand the emotional component that goes hand-in-hand.

Next time you’re feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed (good or bad), worried, or extra excited, take a moment and hit the mental pause button. Breathe.

Feel those emotions because it is okay – it is okay to cry a little extra hard and to feel a little more. Then, breathe again and let those emotions go on your exhale. Recognizing that our bodies can be a little extra sensitive sometimes is a big piece in taking steps to move forward.