I may seem like an essential oil expert now (cough cough), but I was once completely overwhelmed.

My mother-in-law gave me an entire starter kit for a birthday present, and it was MONTHS before I used anything other than lavender!  I didn’t even plug in the diffuser for 6 weeks (CRAZY!)
I have slowly incorporated the use of essential oils in our house and I cannot imagine my life without them.  Sitting down to write this makes me realize how ingrained they are into my life and into my family’s life.

How I Diffuse Essential Oils

I diffuse doTerra’s OnGuard about twice per day, even letting it go overnight to cleanse the air while the baby isn’t around.
At work I typically diffuse Breathe + Citrus Bliss and it is the most lovely smell EVER!  It helps wake me up in the morning!

How I Drink Essential Oils

My newest oil craze is 2 drops of Grapefruit into my water. I don’t even like eating grapefruit, but I’m LOVING it in my water. I hear using Grapefruit essential oil in this way is supposed to help improve metabolism and curb cravings, so I dropped it in my water one night when I was leaving the clinic. As usual, I was very hungry but I had to go to Costco. I made it through the entire store without devouring ALL the samples! Major win! I am sold. It must work, and it also tastes like summer with makes me happy!

How I Clean with Essential Oils

We’ve been cooking a lot of seafood so I use a few drops of Lemon down my disposal to get rid of the funk.

How I Use Essential Oils for Health

Every night I put doTerra’s Lavender essential oil on my 2-year-olds feet about 30 minutes before bedtime to *assist* the chilling out, calming, and relaxing process.

I then put Serenity oil on my wrists and on my neck, and when I am trying to go to sleep I slowly breathe them in. It has really helped me fall asleep much faster and reduce anxiety.

About 3 nights per week I use a drop of Frankincense in my Argan oil to help shrink my pores and try to even out my skin tone.

I keep a roller bottle of Wintergreen in my purse (or diaper bag, depending on what my current duty is) for neck soreness (typically on my right side from carrying babies!).

I am slowly collecting more and more oils and using them in different ways. It is so fun to learn how to use them and makes me feel like I’m taking control over what is absorbed into my skin, my children’s skin, and what we inhale.

We have recently increased our inventory to have more oils immediately available for you at Breathe.!  Call Summer today to see what we have! Call 515-954-7606. If you need help logging into your account to update your LRP, or want to know more about what an LRP is, call her too!

Do you have other essential oil uses? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

SpOIL yourself!