Foam Rolling for Kids: A Way to Minimize Pains of Growing Bodies

Using Foam Roll Techniques to Help Growing Children Stretch

Children are constantly growing, sometimes resulting in growing pains.

Does your child complain of hip pain, back pain or weak core muscles (instability)?

Here are three simple tips to support your growing child and their physical body:

  1. Upright posture

Many of us spend a lot of time bent over computers, phones, Lego sets, crafts and babies! When you consider how hard we all work, it’s no wonder children sometimes complain of shoulder, neck and back pain. A gentle guide to upright posture is the first step to helping them feel better. Cues like “sit tall through the top of your head” and “put your crown on and don’t let it tip forward, or fall off”, are great ways to help your children to understand how to sit tall and avoid slouched, rounded shoulders. 

2. Pectoralis muscle stretching (using a foam roller)

Your pectoralis muscles are in your chest. For the same reason children get stiff shoulders, they can have tight pectoralis muscles as well. One of the best things to do for this is foam rolling! They find it very fun, as well! Set your child up with a long foam roller to allow their entire body to stretch out. Lying down on the foam roller, vertically up their spine, have them bend their knees (making sure their buttocks is on the foam roller as well as the back of their head). While they exhale have them lift their arms above their head. They can also make movements like a snow angel to stretch out their back and front of the chest.  Another option is using a doorway for support. Have them place one arm on the door frame, step through the door, and stretch the front of their shoulder and chest. Hold for about 30 seconds. They can slide their arm up and down the door frame to change how the stretch feels. 

3. Evaluation + Support of a Physical Therapist

Don’t wait until growing pains impede sports and quality of life. Sometimes a small ache can get bigger and as adults, we know that when we’re in pain we can get grumpy. Save yourself the grumpy child and have them assessed by a professional. At Breathe. we provide holistic treatment recommendations that are unique to you (or your child) and everything happening in your life. It’s immediate knowledge and improvement, in real life!

Our physical therapist Dr. Kaylee Carroll was recently interviewed and shares many more suggestions and tips in the video here.

We all want our children to feel their best. Our mission at Breathe. is to provide hope and inspiration so that all women (and their childen) can live the vibrant, energetic and active lives they deserve.

The suggestions above are not just for your kids, they’re great for the whole family. Is someone feeling pain, stress, or just not themselves? Is that person you? Learn more about Breathe. and how we can help you heal holistically.