This is the trip you’ve been dreaming about.

Preliminary Trip Details

The trip of your lifetime has arrived.

10 days on the Dingle Peninsula of Ireland.

5 days of walking with mid-trip break including relaxation and a tour of the Irish Village on the Dingle Way.

Trip also includes 2 days of traveling on either side, plus a luxurious spa offering.

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Dingle Town

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Meet Your Trip Guides

Mel Ireland Trip

Mel Sadeghpour, an ecologist and chair of the Department of Environmental Studies at DMACC, will offer information on local flora and fauna as well as basic Irish culture. Her experience as a backcountry guide in Olympic National Park will help you feel confident and comfortable as you experience the hike of your life. 

Dr. Libby Trausch, physical therapist will offer daily meditation or yoga classes, informal personal coaching on the trail and advice regarding injuries, sore muscles and posture. She will provide a training regime and weekly strengthening/stretching videos on a private Facebook page or in person to guide preparation.

Libby Ireland Trip

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This incredible trip is tentatively planned for May 2022. Expect clarified trip details, including cost and itinerary by mid-late summer 2021.  

Cost (preliminary estimates of $3-4000) covers all transportation, accommodations, breakfast, and dinner. Lunch not included. Participants will provide their own gear.

Participants will walk from village to village while a company transports their luggage and gear. This trip is lead by women, for women, but couples are also welcome.

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Only 12 spots available. Reserve your spot with a $250 non-refundable deposit by October 1, 2021.

Participants should be able to easily walk 5 miles with a small backpack in under 2 hours and have approved gear (footwear, raingear, etc.) Walking days will average 10 miles.

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