Low back pain can be a real pain in the you know what.

It can keep us from sitting or standing or playing or sleeping as long and as comfortably as we need to to really really live our lives.

One thing that a lot of people with low back pain have in common is a flattened, or straight lumbar spine.

Instead of having a normal curve like it is supposed to, the tailbone has been tucked under and it looks like you have no butt.  Over time, our spinal curves change to accommodate our normal habits and different cultures develop different habits so people from different parts of the world have spines that are shaped differently.

Here in the USA we encourage our babies to move early.  We encourage rolling, then sitting, then crawling and then walking by about a year of age.  Then we sit our babies in carseats that flatten out the low back.  Then we sit kids in school early where they continue to learn to sit on tailbones or anuses that further flattens the low back.

Most of the time, improving the normal c-shape curve of the lumbar spine results in tremendous relief of low back pain.

We recorded a Facebook Live video that talks a little more about how to do this.

If you or your mom or sister or aunt, or even husband or brother or dad, have low back pain and this little trick doesn’t help as much as it should, please please please let us help!  Schedule an appointment right this minute.

– The ladies at Breathe. Physical Therapy & Wellness.