Golf Like a Pro with Better Body Mechanics

How Proper Body Movement Makes All The Difference in Your Swing

I am a golfer. I was a college baseball player, but being able to continue to play baseball as a professional with 3 kids is a challenge.  Golf channels the competition and friendship that I enjoyed about sports as a kid. When I play golf with my brother and dad, or with my wife and buddies, it is so satisfying to be outside and working towards a goal.

But enjoyment of golf was not enough. As a physical therapist and movement expert, some of the finer points of the movements of golf were hard to figure out on my own. I recently had the absolute pleasure of studying how different body parts have to move to result in the most efficient golf swing for every body at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).  

Problems with movement in a golf swing cause:

    • Missing the center of the club face  
    • Slicing, hooking or both  
    • Loss of distance  
    • Inconsistency with distane and direction  
    • Pain and/or stiffness

As a physical therapist certified by TPI, I am an expert in how specific body movements relate to the golf swing and all the causes of the above listed problems. We (at TPI) believe that there is not one right way to swing a golf club but rather one efficient way based on what an individual player can physically do.

If you join me as a client, I will screen your movement for range of motion and quality and then take a video of your golf swing to show you how it can be improved.  We will also look at your general health to help determine what is the most efficient golf swing for you. After the screen and video swing analysis, a unique plan will be developed to address and treat any physical limitations you may have that affect your golf swing.

    Here are two examples of a basic video swing analysis that were recently completed:

      Breathe. is super excited to be able to offer golf specific movement screens and swing analysis by Dr. Ryan Trausch, a physical therapist certified by the Titleist Performance Institute. Want to find out more about getting a screen and swing analysis? Call 515-255-3932 to make an appointment!