Nordic Walking Arrives in Des Moines

Breathe. Hosts a Nordic Walking Workshop

Nordic walking has been around for decades in Europe and has become more popular in Canada in recent years.  Now Breathe. is working to bring this super effective, joint friendly work out to Des Moines!

We recently hosted a Nordic Walking workshop using Urban Poles for 12 women at Colby Park in Windsor Heights. We talked about the benefits of Urban Poles, how to use them, and common problems people encounter when first starting. It was phenomenally successful and most everyone left excited to try them out! 

Why should you try Nordic Walking with Urban Poles?

  1. Walking with poles offloads painful joints.  Because Nordic Walking uses the arms AND the legs to walk, the low back, hips knees and ankles take less strain. 

2. Walking with poles burns more calories!  Again, since using Urban Poles involves the upper and lower body on a walk, and more muscles are involved, a simple walk burns up to 45% more calories.


3. It’s fun! We love being able to exercise at home and without having to get in the car to go somewhere. Nordic walking is faster and more exciting than normal walking!

Stop in and pick up a pair of Urban Poles, join us for an upcoming workshops or to make an appointment to learn how to Nordic Walk right here in Des Moines!