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Ebook: Peaceful Pushing

How to Train Your Pelvic Floor & Improve Chances of an Easy Birth

By Dr. Libby Trausch

$27.99 eBook
$74.99 eBook PLUS Companion Video Course (With 16 Videos!) 

By properly preparing your Pelvic Floor, you can:

  • Avoid unnecessary C-Sections
  • Learn how to push your baby out
  • Minimize vaginal tearing during delivery
  • Gain confidence in doing Kegel Exercises
  • Learn to relax through the pain of contractions
  • Understand the how’s and why’s of perineal massage

DoTERRA Essential Oils


We proudly use, sell and integrate DoTERRA Essential Oils into our practice, treatment sessions and lives.  Call our office at 515-255-3932 for an appointment to determine which oils are right for you.

DoTERRA essential oils have many uses including:

  • Replacing synthetic and irritating cleaning chemicals & scents in the home

  • Immune support

  • Relieving occasional sleeplessness

  • Clearer thoughts

  • Supporting cartilage and joint function

  • Relieving head and neck tension

  • Relieving minor pain or pain associated with non-disease states such as muscle pain following exercise

  • Easing congestion

Along with a positive mindset & better dietary and exercise patterns, DoTERRA essential oils can contribute to disease prevention and better health.  We always recommend becoming a wholesale member and purchasing a kit to start your oils journey.  

MUTU Systems

Proper rehab of your core and pelvic floor takes a long time—often over a year. Following physical therapy at our office, it can be helpful to continue recovering within the comfort of your own home. This is where MUTU can help. 

We are partnered with MUTU to provide you with a 12-week online recovery program. This program will help keep you accountable and consistent with your recovery.

Learn more about MUTU

Receive an in-depth assessment

Learn tools to create and maintain a healthy, active life without pain.

Don’t be sidelined

  • Stay fit during pregnancy
  • Get your body back after pregnancy
  • Get stronger or more flexible
  • Cross-fit
  • Yoga
  • Dance or take exercise classes
  • Run 5Ks or even marathons
  • Cycle
  • Lift heavy
  • Swim
  • Walk or Hike
  • Train for races
  • Whatever keep you active!