This is a PSA to the women who are told their gynecological and obstetric pelvic pain require surgery or drugs to improve.

I got my period when I was 9 and shortly after started taking massive doses of ibuprofen monthly.  As a young girl I regularly visited the doctor because of pelvic pain/bloating, period cramps, and vaginal discomfort. I assumed these ailments were due to infections and that kind of thing. I missed school a lot because of cramps and my stomach hurt pretty frequently.

As an adult, sex was uncomfortable. Again, I went to the doctor to be treated for an infection that wasn’t present in their lab tests.  With my first birth experience I ended up with a c-section due to failure to progress. My baby was stuck in a turned position. My second birth resulted in numerous pelvic floor problems and prolonged pushing because he too was stuck rotated.

Somewhere between my second and third births, in the last 5 years,  I FINALLY realized that EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of the problems I suffered in my early years was at least partially related to anxiety and the tight muscles that came with it.

When the abdominal, low back and pelvic floor muscles are tight, the inflammatory chemicals in menstrual fluid can make them HURT. So, really bad period pain is often because of tight muscles!  

Round ligament pain, ovary pain, uterus pain, period pain, endometriosis pain . ALL of these pains have the potential to be muscular or related to posture or hip or back problems. I long for the opportunity to see all the young girls who are suffering like I did and help them before it goes on for 20 years.

In the last 5 years I have worked very hard to get my anxiety under control and learn to relax my muscles.  I wish I would have learned how to help myself sooner, but I’m grateful that I figured it out at all.  Now, on the brink of 40, I rarely have stomach pain, my period and pelvic pain has shifted and become much more manageable, my third delivery was a piece of cake, and sex rarely hurts.

Please keep sharing our clinic and this knowledge with your friends and family members.  Even if they can’t come see us, hopefully this inspires everyone to keep seeking answers without medication and surgery.


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