My body has become completely foreign to me after baby #2…any of you feel like that?!? I don’t even know how clothes are suppose to feel anymore, and I haven’t felt “good” about how I look in 5 months. Every shirt I pick out in the morning has to pass the “will people ask me when I’m due” test…..


Let’s face it, in this country by the time our babies are 5 months we are expected to have flat tummies and rockin’ legs like Carrie Underwood. COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC on so many levels. I know this, but why am I still letting it impact my clothing decisions in the morning?

Working on the voice in my head has been a bigger issue than any physical impairment. Instead of telling myself “ugh you look like a blob today” I’ve been saying “wow, you look like a hot mama, how do you do that while working full time and taking care of 2 little people, you really have your s$%# together”.

Self love and care means a lot more than going for a pedicure.

I’ve been working every day to make little changes on the things my PT brain knows I need to work on – breathing, pelvic floor and deep ab coordination, hip and leg strength. I do as much as I can every day.

I tried to go for a ?‍♀️ and lasted about 35 seconds before my right knee was very painful and my entire back felt like it seized up. Does that mean something is broken? NO! Something is wrong or totally messed up? NO! It just means I’m not ? enough yet to run–which my PT mind knew–but the part of me that is worried about how I’ll look in shorts in a few months has been FREAKING OUT.

Bottom line:

Make the voice in your head say nice things and see what actions you take.
If you aren’t able to do the things you want to do, like bike or run, come see us and we will give you a program to make your body ready. Pain does NOT (always) mean broken, it can just mean “not ready”.

And my hair has looked like this all weekend… least my eyebrows are 

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