Postpartum: Bouncing Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Body

How to Support Exercise After You Give Birth

Postpartum return to exercise: Postpartum: Bouncing back to your pre-pregnancy body

Often we hear on social media, or even from other women (mom or not), about “bouncing back” or getting back to your “pre-baby body” all the time. This puts so much internal pressure on ourselves to quickly jump back into the same intense exercises, routine, and even clothes, right away and then being frustrated with lack of results. 

Let’s face it, your body will never be the exact same it was before you had your child. 

Call me the bearer of bad news… or I like to think, of good news! Your body created a human, brought that human into this world, and is now being an active mama raising that little human! Not only should you give your body praise for those things, but your body CAN still feel strong, supported, active, and mentally be confident in your appearance moving forward – for some, even more so than before babies!

Pace yourself getting back into exercise.

One of the hardest things for some moms, especially if you were super active pre-baby, is re-building the foundation before getting back into more advanced exercises. This is especially important for things like planks, crunches, chaturanga, burpees, running, and all those fun exercises. 


Ensure you are doing these things as you get back into exercise: 

  • Managing your pressure (exhale with the effort)
  • Connecting to core as a system together as a team – exhale as you narrow rib cage, lower belly to spine to draw down and flat, and kegel up/in to the body.
  • Relaxing these muscles between reps and when not using them (not always ‘sucking it in’ and holding tension in belly, butt and pelvic floor) 
  • Watching to avoid any coning, doming, lifting or increase in separation in center of belly
  • No negative pelvic floor symptoms – leaking pee, bulging uncomfortable pressure, pain

Retraining and rehabilitating your core system postpartum will help you to achieve your goals of feeling strong, stable, confident returning to exercise, be an active mom, and then continue to build on being confident in your own skin moving forward! 

Ready to try a gentle exercise guided by a women’s health physical therapist and fellow postpartum mom, check out the video below! 


If you’re feeling frustrated, please know you’re not alone.

Breathe. has worked with over 3,000 women, both virtually and in-person, to help restore a strong and confident core.

It’s critical to have a strong core to avoid back pain, prolapse, and various other postpartum complications.

The key is to find a provider who gets it. We can help!

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