Postpartum Core Exercises from a Women’s Physical Therapist

How to Safely Perform More Advanced Exercises During Postpartum Healing

When you work with one of our physical therapists at Breathe. Physical Therapy for your postpartum recovery and strength, we provide a wide variety of advice and expertise on how to safely get back to what feels good in your body. 

During your appointments with us, we stress the importance of core connection and proper breathing to make sure muscles are activated and working as they should. This is also to prevent overworking, or stressing particular muscles that tend to hold tension.

Are abdominal exercises safe?

Core exercises are particularly elusive for the women we work with. What kind of core exercises are safe for postpartum? What if I have diastatsis recti abdominis (DRA)? These are just a few of the questions we hear, and a reason why in conjunction with working with Breathe. Physical Therapy, we recommend MUTU. Proper rehab of your core and pelvic floor takes a long time – often over a year. Following physical therapy at our office, it can be helpful to continue recovering within the comfort of your own home. 

MUTU is a medically recommended workout program that is completely online. It’s incredibly useful for keeping you accountable and consistent in your recovery. Working through it is a great progression after you’ve had a baby whether you’re immediate postpartum or it’s been a few years. 

MUTU has four core modules, and they give great cues for breathing while working your core muscles.

Demonstration from a women’s physical therapist. 

Catch Dr. Kaylee Carroll explaining and demonstrating a move from each of their modules on Youtube, or purchase the MUTU system here.