It is TOUGH to get back into an exercise routine after a baby is born.

Schedules are weird, sleep is at a premium, childcare is a problem, and sometimes a mama just feels so out of shape that it’s hard to get started.  Usually we promote mom-based functional exercise, like doing a squat to pick up the toys or the babies, a lunge to get up from the ground, or strapping on a baby and just going up and down the stairs – call it a babywearing exercise class.

Sometimes, though, a mama just needs some motivation beyond home videos and home work outs. Searching all the fitness classes or postpartum exercise “near me” can prove tedious, but we’ve got you covered.

Three of our favorite Des Moines local and strong women owned options are Stroll Fit , Burn Boot Camp  and B!RTHF!T. The owners of both understand the toll that heavy exercise takes on the pelvic floor and core and are committed to taking care of women who have had children. So, bring the kids along!

At Burn in Clive they have free child care during their 8:30 AM, 9:30AM, 4:30PM and 5:30 PM classes.  Find out more by heading to their website.

Stroll Fit: Meet Sara Albright at 9:15 AM for a Wednesday morning around Grays’ Lake. Bring your babies, bring your strollers. Bring your big kids and bikes and scooters. Prepare for a fun play date with exercise.

B!RTHF!T: Dr. Abbi Rickelman and Dr. Elizabeth Sweers have a Postpartum Series in Septemeber/October. The Series is designed to help mamas return to functional movement, to heal physically, mentally and emotionally after birth, connect with other mamas and feel empowered and confident.

In addition to our favorite options above, you can also check out local gyms: Aspen, Lifetime and many YMCA’s also offer childcare at various times so you can get a break and start getting back into shape. And don’t forget about our medically supervised yoga when the stars finally align and childcare IS available!

Remember, if you get back into exercises and ANYTHING doesn’t feel or look right, PLEASE come see us!!  Our vision is a world full of active lady retirees. This means you have to get stronger right now- not next year when you get more sleep or have more time.  Getting stronger takes time so give yourself grace and listen to your body.You’ve got this.

Molly & Libby

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