Pregnancy & Birth During A Pandemic: How To Cope

3 Ways To Cope During COVID-19 Pandemic

Pregnancy and birth are supposed to be two of the most special times of your life. You are growing, nurturing, supporting and bringing new life into this beautiful world, to then raise up in a home filled with love and support. That’s the goal, right? Well as a pregnant mama during this pandemic of COVID-19, that has since been clouded on days with stress, fear of the unknown, laziness, and worry.

A Little Bit About My Story

I am currently pregnant with my second child. When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately called the next morning to get set up for my first appointment! I was able to see and hear my baby for the first time at 8 weeks pregnant. Since then, all of my in-person prenatal appointments have been cancelled until my 20 week anatomy ultrasound. Months are passing and I have still not heard my baby’s heartbeat to allow for peace of mind. Feels so different from my first pregnancy experience and what I had expected for this pregnancy. 

But change and things being different doesn’t always have to be a negative thing! 

Changing Perspective Amidst Unexpected Change

During these times of unknown and uncertainty, I have personally found the importance of a mindset shift. 

What really is crucial for a safe pregnancy?

  • Yes, I would love to be having regularly scheduled prenatal appointments to hear my baby’s heartbeat (for my own reassurance), but I’ve come to learn that not having prenatal appointments does not mean the downfall of my pregnancy. I’ve learned to look for other signs of a progressing pregnancy such as belly growth, uterus firming and fundus rising, being in tune with feeling for early signs of baby movement (felt some this week at 16/17 weeks!), and so much more!

Enjoy the freedom!

  • Become connected to your pregnancy in all the same ways, but without the stress of hyperfocusing on the details of your developing pregnancy. 
  • Working less? That means more time for walks, yoga videos, and playing with your family!
  • At home more? What a great chance for making healthier, more nutritious meals to support your growing human! Take this time to form new habits whether it’s drinking more water, making more homemade meals, meal planning, or starting a spring garden!
  • Going out less? Save more money, take time to budget and plan for your new addition, cleanout your baby room or storage… and less exposure to potentially getting sick, hence another perk!

Enjoy the serenity of a peaceful birth environment.

  • For my first birth, I had my sister, sister-in-law, husband, midwife, midwife-in-training, doctor, and nurses in the room. No more than an hour after I met my son earth-side, I had a constant stream of family and friends coming in and out to meet him as well and check-in on my husband and I. 
  • Birth in a pandemic sounds so peaceful and serine. My husband and I will be able to have days of being alone with our new little human; so much time for skin-to-skin uninterrupted, time to establish a great nursing relationship without having to cover myself, and time to fall in love all over again while becoming a new family. There’s always Facetime, photos, and videos to be shared in the hospital; and visits from afar or through the door at home. Enjoy meals dropped off at your door by friends/family at home… without having to clean your house to host them!!! FREEDOM!

Try to shift your mindset about pregnancy and birth during COVID-19 or any other pandemic. It may not be what you originally expected, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a bad experience. Embrace the freedom and quality family time that will come with this social distancing style birth experience!