Prepare For The Best Birth And Recover Core Strength After Baby

Tips for better birth and postpartum period

We all want the same thing – healthy baby, easy birth, and a strong recovery that leaves us feeling like ourselves again.

And we deserve it! Feeling strong, empowered and energetic should be something we all experience. And we can! Try these simple, but highly effective tips to give you confidence in your birth and your postpartum body!

Preparing For The Best Birth: 

  1. Focus on deep breathing to relax your pelvic floor.
    • Believe it or not, anxiety and stress can hold so much pain inside of our bodies. Proper, deep belly breathing that reaches and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles will have such a tremendous benefit for preparing your body for birth.
  2. Let go of unnecessary concerns or worries.
    • We encourage moms to practice meditation and light, daily exercise to keep stress levels and concerns at a minimum.
  3. Receive regular physical therapy care to release pain, improve mobility, and retrain your body on how to breathe and move!
    • Many patients say physical therapy care was the single most important thing they did to prepare for the natural birth they desired.

    Recover Core Strength After Baby:

    European women are referred to PT immediately after birth because they understand how much pregnancy can weaken a body. American women deserve the same. 

    Here’s how to recover core strength after baby:

    1. Identify core muscles to get the most out of your ab workout.
      • Instead of doing planks and crunches right away, start small by finding the deep abdominal muscles. Learn about Diastasis Recti Abdominis by watching this video.
    2. Go beyond kegels to stop peeing your pants and improve pressure.
      • Pelvic floor health is so much more than kegels – and is totally connected to your core! Check out this video about how to kegel, how to relax after, and how to breathe.
    3. Stand up straight.
      • Improving your posture can eliminate pressure on your back, making you feel stronger, and even eliminating any postpartum pooch. Lean forward a little and squeeze the shoulder blades together.  Lean against a wall and press the base of your skull into the wall to learn where the head belongs over the shoulders. 

    You’ve got the tools and everything you need for the birth and postpartum you desire. We’re here to surround you with a supportive network of providers with expertise in women’s pelvic health. We can’t wait to empower you.