Find yourself a PT who “gets it”.

I am a runner.

I’ve been running since my feet hit the ground, starting with 12 years of soccer (aka running with a ball), adding track in middle school (more running), and cross country in high school (even more running!). In college I kept running (surprise!). I finished my first marathon and finally understood that running was my alone time – my dreaming, problem solving, and getting away from stress time.

People who don’t run think runners are crazy pants!!

(I know you don’t – I know you, dear reader, are also a person with running in your soul).

Running a marathon was the first activity that taught me how to write down achievable goals without feeling stupid. I hated (so much!!) goal setting in school. I never felt like it was worth the time to write down something when I didn’t know if I could actually achieve it. Running gave me a context to see the importance of a ‘get your butt in gear and stick to it’ plan.

Running and goal setting became my ‘go to’.

It got me through my doctoral program. It got me through busy, stressful work environments. And it got me to make real life changes to pursue healthy relationships and positive career growth. Goal setting equaled running equaled positive life change (whoo!).

This was all pretty successful until my body didn’t cooperate.

I got tired, I got fatigued, running got hard, I ran through sprains and strains, and I got super frustrated because my entire life and goal setting system didn’t work without running – right??

So what does a physical therapist runner do when she realizes her main outlet isn’t working anymore?

She bucks up, puts on her boss lady pants, and finally practices what she preaches to her patients.

I needed rest periods, a personal program to build and maintain strength. Most importantly, I needed to develop non-running activities that were restorative to my body because I needed to GIVE UP tying my mental and emotional health to running.

So, I decreased my runs per week, created a weight lifting routine that worked the right muscles, became more diligent stretching and yoga, increased my bike rides, and learned how to lap swim. Guess what?? It worked.

Running literally got me through my teens and 20’s, but I finally realized my body & soul couldn’t thrive on running alone.  

Lifelong activity that you LOVE is essential for mental, physical, and emotional health. If something about the activity (gardening, walking, climbing, yoga, running, biking, swimming, lifting)  that makes YOU YOU isn’t working, we can help. We want you to keep doing the activity you love and we can figure out a plan to make sure it happens. We want you to flourish at the things that ‘make you you’. We get it. And we want you to get it too.