3 Reasons Your Women’s Health Physical Therapist Wants You to Try Yoga

Why Yoga Is For Everyone and A Great Compliment to Any Routine

One thing I know for sure (Oprah moment) is that the best form of exercise is something you love. This can look different for everyone. I have tried to make myself love running and regularly going to the gym. What has consistently been there for me is yoga. I started practicing in Cedar Rapids (where I grew up) and loved how my teacher emphasized form, was mindful of different bodies and injuries, and celebrated the inner light within each person in the room. I continued my practice throughout my time at Iowa State and also while living in Iowa City, and now here in the Des Moines area. Here I’ll share a few of the reasons why I love it.

1. Powerful Mental Reset.

When I began classes as a junior in high school, I discovered how attending a class could be a powerful mental reset. My big stressors at this time were choosing a college/completing applications and chemistry exams. The community aspect reinforced the mental benefits of classes. Sitting, stretching, and challenging yourself in a group setting reminds you that you’re not the only one wanting to leave your worries at the door.

2. Supportive vs. Competitive.

I would go to classes with my mom and friend, and still love going into that warm and welcoming space. Environments can vary, but I have felt best when there is a supportive atmosphere rather than one of competition. Not every posture feels amazing in every body, and I am constantly learning the difference between what feels like a good challenge and what is not for me.

3. Body Awareness.

Yoga leads you to move your body in a way that it maybe never moves, and break up the daily physical routine of sleep, sit at your desk, walk around the house, chill at home. It’s an opportunity to learn about your body and what it needs/benefits the most from during classes. Some areas you may have never thought needed a stretch, or feeling sore in muscles you didn’t know existed.

I truly believe yoga is for everyone and it is a great compliment to an existing workout routine or a place to start if you have also had a hard time finding exercise that you consistently enjoy. I hope that you enjoy it if you try it, and that you can learn something new.

Don’t let aches and pains keep you from trying or continuing to practice yoga. The physical therapists at Breathe. have training in Medical Theraputic Yoga, weaving it into all of their recommendations and treatments.