Recovering Your Pelvic Floor After Pregnancy and a C-Section

Why Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is Important, No Matter How You Birth

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“I had a C-Section – does my pelvic floor still need attention?”

Maybe you’re planning to have a c-section, or already had one. But was your pelvic floor impacted?

The answer is yes! Pelvic floor PT is an important part of any postpartum recovery. The weight/pressure of the baby throughout pregnancy puts an extra demand on your pelvic floor muscles, and changes in core strength also can lead to pelvic floor muscles being either too tense or uncoordinated/weak. 

Not everyone needs a pelvic exam, but if you’re feeling like your muscles aren’t quite working right or you’re having leaking, constipation, or pain with sex postpartum – we can help with that! 

During pregnancy, we teach you how to relax your pelvic floor muscles and how to avoid putting extra pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. Postpartum, we mindfully incorporate kegels with core strengthening exercises to help you feel strong and get back to all of the things you love without pain/difficulty.

When is The Right Time to Come In?

Anytime! We start as early as 2 weeks postpartum, helping decrease pain and get your strength back so you can care for your baby with ease; But many women find their way to pelvic floor PT months, a year, or years after their last birth. It’s never too late

Are you cozy at home but still want the virtual experience of a pelvic floor PT? Telehealth for new moms has been wonderful. We can watch you move, coach you in exercises, find the right stretches for after feeding your baby, and talk through all the things.

Preparing for a C-Section, but not yet delivered? We can help you prepare fearlessly with our Planned C-Section Guide eBook.

Planned C-Section Guide

We look forward to all the ways we can support you!