Resetting Hormones Naturally

How Nutrition Impacts Hormone Health

We all complain about our periods. The cramps, the nausea, the bloating, the acne, the mood swings, ALL the things. What we don’t realize is how necessary our cycle is to our health.

Our menstrual cycles are an indication of what’s going right and wrong in our bodies. 

While not having a period seems convenient, it was an indicator that everything was off in my body. Last winter I switched to a copper IUD to get off my oral contraceptive. It was making me super anxious. Plus I worried about the potential infertility effects of prolonged use (10+ years). I thought the copper IUD was a great ‘all natural’ alternative to reset my body. What I didn’t realize is how much my body had relied on those synthetic hormones to cycle. My progesterone levels dropped to almost 0. My vitamin D was super low. And my thyroid levels were starting to creep up.

I was exhausted.

Everyday things seemed like mountains too big to conquer. My acne was the worst I’d ever experienced (in my 30’s no less). My hair was thinning. I wanted to sleep forever. I felt like a shell of a human with no ‘internal fire’. Plus getting pregnant and having babies is in my 5 year plan. Not having my period was a big worry that we would struggle when we were ready to start trying.

Hormones are a real B..

My hormones were steam rolling my life. It was all I could think about. I went to see my ARNP who took blood work and recommended adding Vitamin D, a whole foods derived prenatal vitamin, EPA/DHA fish oils, and chasteberry to boost my progesterone. She also suggested acupuncture as it’s highly supported for hormonal balance. Plus stress management.

I did all the things.

I took the supplements. I went to acupuncture. I said no to things. I focused on the positive. And it worked. I started to feel like myself again. But I still didn’t have my period. After lots of coworkers, friend, family, and provider conversations, nutrition seemed like the next step.

I thought I ate healthy.

Gardening and cooking are two of my favorite past-times. I felt like I ate super healthy compared to the average American. I had all negative results for food allergy testing only 2 years prior. Gluten, white sugar, dairy – all negative. In my brain, that meant I should eat all the things. What I hadn’t considered is how my food was contributing to my body’s imbalance.

Nutrition was it.

I sought out a local nutritionist referred by friends. She partnered with me to identify what was lacking in my food and what my body wasn’t releasing properly. She also recommended going gluten and refined sugar free. I did it – anything to get my body back in balance.

My period came back!

Nutrition was the final answer. On top of my ARNP recommended supplements and acupuncture, nutrition was the last remaining piece. After only 2.5 weeks of nutrition supplementation plus cutting out gluten and sugar, my period came back. I’ve never been so excited for nausea and cramps! I happy danced around my house – it’s back, it’s back, it’s back!

I did it.

I reset my hormones. Naturally. I needed a huge team of providers, friends, coworkers, and family – but I did it. I took the advice, I did the things. I now have a significantly different picture of what healthy looks like for me. And it includes cramps and nausea. Plus the trust that my body can support a baby when we’re ready.

I am filled with hope for my future and empowered to live a healthier life. I experienced the other side and I never want to go back. May you also find your people to help you through the crummy parts of life. On the other side of crummy is absolute amazingness.