Deep Rest and Full Muscle Relaxation

A very difficult thing to find but is crucial to get over chronic pain, heart disease, anxiety, depression, IBS, other digestive issues and even infertility. If pregnant, pelvic and abdominal muscle relaxation and control are necessary to prepare our bodies to safely and comfortably deliver our precious babes into the world with minimal intervention.

The two positions pictured here are amazing for starting the relaxation process.

  1. Get blankets, pillows, yoga blocks and a yoga strap.
  2. Stuff all the body nooks and crannies with support so that you’re not holding yourself up at all.
  3. Breathe. (Deep in your low back/belly-NOT a big chest breath)
  4. Focus on relaxing ALL THE MUSCLES. Imagine them melting off of your body. Imagine your hips dissolving, imagine being covered by a warm heavy blanket
  5. Memorize how relaxed you got and then try to recall that feeling even when busy.
  6. Call us if you need help figuring out steps 1-5. Breathe. Physical Therapy & Wellness 515-255-3932