Safe Return to Running in The Postpartum Period

Signs You’re Ready to Safely Start Running After Baby

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A common question I get asked from postpartum mamas is, “When can I start running again?” The ease of being able to fit it in throughout the day, and the mental rest running can provide makes it a top choice of exercise for many. The only problem is many begin before their body is necessarily ready to handle the high impact of running. Research shows return to run should fall between 3-6 months postnatal at the earliest.1 You’ve heard the saying, “You have to learn to walk before you can run,” right? The same principles apply as you work your way back into hitting the trails.

A recent study found that you should be able to complete these 7 things without feeling pain, heaviness, dragging, or leaking prior to running postpartum:

  1. Walking for 30 minutes
  2. Standing on one leg for 10 seconds
  3. Completing 10 single leg squats on each side
  4. Jogging in place for 1 minute
  5. Completing 10 forward bounds
  6. Completing 10 single leg hops on each leg
  7. Completing 10 single leg running mans

While every person’s body and circumstance is different, these 7 tasks can give you a good indicator on if your body is ready to go back to running or not. Remember to give yourself grace, allow yourself time to heal, and as always–listen to your body. For more guidance on how to return safely back to exercise postpartum, give us a call at (515)-255-3932 or book an appointment online today!

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