Self-Care Makes You A Better Mom

Why You Should Stop Feeling Selfish For Putting Yourself First

Hey moms – it’s almost your day! You know, that one day a year where you’re celebrated for all the things you do and all the people you keep alive – Mother’s Day! But you deserve more than just that one day. Trust us, we know. You deserve to be celebrated and cared for everyday of the week – and especially by YOU. Self-care doesn’t have to be a long drawn out thing and it certainly doesn’t have to make you feel selfish or guilty.

Actually, taking care of yourself makes you a better mom. Truly.

How often have you had a moment that you’re less than proud where you raised your voice or overreacted a little, or a lot? When we try to give from an empty tank, it simply doesn’t work. We’ve got to fill ourselves up in order to provide for others.

Let’s be real, momming isn’t easy. It’s a 24/7, demanding and rarely appreciated job. Put working and cleaning and maintaining adult relationships on that to-do list and it won’t be long until you’re running on fumes. Let’s make an effort to stop doing that to ourselves. Let’s put a little extra in our own tanks.

Self-care can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Deep breaths, sleeping in a few minutes past your alarm, a long walk, a long bath, a massage, simplifying – saying no to things and people that drain your energy unnecessarily, talking to a friend.

Self-care makes you a better mom by:

  1. Giving you an opportunity to see your worth and true value.
    • We’re all guilty of forgetting to credit ourselves where credit is due. And when we’re in the thick of it, it’s easy to be critical or to focus on the negatives. Stepping away, even for a brief moment, gives us an opportunity to see the tremendous impact we have on the lives of our children, our families, our coworkers and others.
  2. Allowing you space to remember who you are.
    • Growing humans and businesses and lives is no joke. If we’re not careful it can become who we are and slowly allow us to forget all the other stuff that makes us up. Self-care reminds us who we are, what matters most, and how we can be the best version of ourselves.
  3. Empowering you to return calmer and more patient.
    • Giving yourself the space you need, to heal and rest, gives your children and those around you permission to do the same. You lead by example, and come back from a place of refreshed clarity to help those around you be happier.

Moms, give yourself credit. Give yourself some love. You deserve it. If loving yourself means finally getting an appointment to figure out why you’re having backaches, headaches, painful sex or peeing your pants, we can help with that!

Happy early Mother’s Day from all of us at Breathe!