Telehealth: Secure, Virtual Video Chat for Remote Physical Therapy

How to Get High Level Care From Home

With growing restrictions on societal interactions, it is important to know your path to recovery still continues or begins! Although telehealth is newer to Breathe., it is not new in the physical therapy community. With uncertainties surrounding our world, we thought it would be helpful to provide tips and tricks in preparing for your first telehealth therapy appointment

What Do I Need?

  • An internet-enabled device (computer, tablet or phone) that has a web camera and microphone so we can see you and communicate.
  • A semi-cleared space where you can stretch or therapist perform guided exercises and activities.
  • YOU! Breathe. prides ourselves on assigning at home therapy that is manageable without expensive gym equipment to make therapy accessible to everyone. However, if you think you might need bands, balls, pillows, etc. – grab them!

What Will The Session Be Like?

  • Update on You – Just like any treatment session in the clinic, we will review how you’ve been feeling, celebrate successes, discuss limitations, and review goals.
  • Skilled Interventions – As licensed physical therapists we have the knowledge to provide evidence-based, effective interventions.
  • Plan – Together, we will determine a plan of care including a home exercise program, updates on our clinic, and a plan for future appointments.

    Does Telehealth Work?

    • YES.
    • Research has shown even those with stroke have similar results as those that see an in-person physical therapist. This is because, as specialists, we are still able to provide quality care with the assistance of technology.

    Why Should I Choose Telehealth?

    • CONVENIENCE – With baby sleeping in the next room, dinner in the oven, and car in the shop, we are still able to accommodate your schedule!
    • Avoid the Emergency Room – We are able to screen movement and pain emergencies while avoiding any risk of viral infection.

    Only 10% of people that might benefit from physical therapy actually seek treatment. Therefore, telehealth may actually allow Breathe. to reach and treat the other 90% that may not have originally been able to seek treatment. 

    More questions? Give us a call and schedule your first telehealth appointment!