Urology or Pelvic Physical Therapy? Many complaints handled at a Urology Clinic or by a Urologist, can be effectively treated by a good pelvic floor physical therapist.  Bladder problems like interstitial cystitis or bladder pain syndrome. Even male genital pain that is often labeled prostatitis can be partially caused by tight muscles in the hips or pelvic floor or even spinal tension or problems.  

The pelvic floor is partially composed of a group of muscles that sit between the legs and surround the anus, urethra and vagina.  This group of muscles can develop knots or tender areas, just like any muscle. Similar to how tight knots in the shoulders can give you a headache.  Tight knots in the pelvic floor, hips and abdominal muscles can irritate the bladder, urethra or genitals.

You can seek the help of a specialized pelvic floor physical therapist. Preferably one who spends at least 50% of their time working with pelvic floor tension and pain. Here are few tips you can also try (each tip works for everyone with any kind of pelvic, bladder or genital problems):

3 Tips for Easing Urological Pelvic Pain

  • Bladder pain, frequency or urgency:

 Besides being careful about the foods and drinks that are consumed, people with bladder pain, frequency or urgency must learn to relax their muscles.  Using an app like Headspace, Calm or Insight Timer. Focus on relaxing the pelvis, hips and abdomen can begin the process of muscle relaxation.

  • Urethral pain or discomfort:

Very often this kind of discomfort can be helped by improving the alignment of the pelvis, strengthening the glutes and relaxing the pelvic floor. Working on a variety of hip stretches can also be extremely effective.

  • Male genital pain:

This is often related to abdominal trigger points.  Start by using the first two digits to sink fingers no more than one inch into the abdominal muscles. Search around the abdomen, close to the base of the penis and move the fingers in a circular pattern. Look for sore areas that feel similar to your pain. Work on these knots to tolerance for 5-10 minutes per day. Only use as much pressure as tolerated while still being able to feel relaxed.

Sometimes medication can be helpful in easing these symptoms. There is a place for a trip to the urologist, but very frequently bladder and genital problems are caused by musculoskeletal issues.  Please consider visiting a pelvic floor therapist if this is your problem.