When Gardening Hurts

How To Avoid Aches & Pains When Working In The Garden

Gardening got you feeling stiff?

For many of us spring (and summer) means an increase in aches and pains. Between the yard work, the gardening, and the never ending rain we can easily end up in a place where aches and pains become the spring time norm.

Don’t be fooled – feeling stiff as you get back to the more physically active spring and summer months, does not mean you are meant to stay that way.

Here are three things to try if spring is bringing aches and pains:

  1. Take frequent breaks. Ease into more physical activity. This goes for running AND yard work.
    • Avoid leaning over for extended periods of time. Instead use your legs and bend at the hips instead of the spine. Sit on the ground or a bench rather than bending.
      • When lifting and moving heavy gardening and yard work supplies, turn by moving the feet instead of twisting the spine.

        And remember, pain should never prevent you from living the energetic life you desire. Whether your thing is gardening, biking, or chasing kids you deserve to feel your best while you do it.

        If you’re still not in tip-top shape after trying these three things, give us a call – we’ll get you back in the yard before the first harvest!