Working From Home In Comfort: How to Set Up an Ergonomic Work Space

Did your coffee table suddenly turn into a desk? Is your “home office” scattered with toys? Has your work-from-home setup made your neck and shoulders a ball of tension? We are here to help you.

Working from home doesn’t have to mean terrible posture and an inevitable headache. Regardless of your setup, you can make small changes to feel WAY better while you work – whether it’s from the couch, kitchen table, or at an actual desk. See our tips below!

Desk/Kitchen Table

If you’re doing a lot of reading or video meetings, the first picture is the setup for you. Here I’ve propped up the computer on a bin to bring the screen closer to eye level. Tuck your chin to keep your head above your shoulders instead of jutting forward. This will make your neck happy!

If you’re doing more typing, raise your chair so that your elbows are at your sides and your forearms are parallel to the ground. This will help you not feel like you’re shrugging as you reach for the keyboard. Here the screen is more tilted so I don’t have to slouch to see it.


Taking a break to stand can make your body happy, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. Keep weight evenly through both feet (ie don’t pop one hip out). Here I’ve raised my whole computer so I don’t have to slouch, and tilted the screen way back so it’s in my line of sight.

Tummy Time

Here I used folded blankets to make a wedge shape to rest on. That makes this position more relaxing and decreases pressure on your back. This can also be a nice way to read at night if your body is tired of sitting throughout the day.


I know this is my go-to work-from-home location. Here, place a small pillow or rolled blanket at your low back to help you sit on your vagina and support your low back. A pillow or blanket under your computer will bring it to the right height where you don’t have to slouch. And here remember to tuck your chin and relax your shoulders away from your ears

Floor or Coffee Table

Last one! If you find yourself sitting on the floor with your papers spread out across your coffee table, grab a folded blanket to sit on. This will help you sit on your vagina instead of slouching. I like folded blankets rather than a pillow because they’re firm and more supportive. Tuck your chin and find the tilt of your screen that works best with this new nice posture you’ve achieved. 

Regardless of your setup, it’s good to take breaks and switch up how you’re working to give your body a break. Take 10 minutes to do a short yoga video, do a few stretches, or walk around the house a few times. Your body will thank you! 

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