Your Back Pain is not Unique

You definitely don’t have to just live with your pain!

Your Back Pain is not Unique Breathe. Physical Therapy & Wellness

I had an “aha” moment lately…

I have had back pain on and off for a few years. I could identify things that were aggravating it, but nothing was consistent. It would come and go. I knew some stretches that would feel good, but they didn’t *fix* it.

A few weeks ago after several days in a row of pain, I was feeling kind of “over it.” I decided I would just keep doing yoga, continue using my heating pad, and maybe it would magically go away. (Side note – PTs aren’t always the best at taking our own advice.)

That night I saw a post from one of the several PTs I follow on Instagram (@painacademy). It was about his own experience with pain following an injury, and how his experiences resulted in the belief that his pain was unique and difficult to treat. 

I realized this was exactly how I’d been viewing my own back pain.

Even though I could poke on a sore muscle and identify where the pain was coming from, the fact that it kept showing up (despite my personal solution of doing yoga regularly) made me feel like it was just going to be part of my life – that I was stuck with it.

For every single person that comes into my office with back pain, I feel confident that I can help them feel better. Why didn’t I think I could help myself? 

Even just this realization was a relief. I haven’t tried everything. My back is not this huge enigma that is beyond help. 

I share this because it’s not uncommon that I meet a client who has a chronic issue that they just “deal with”. Whether it’s headaches, pain with sex, tight shoulders, or anything you might have in the back of your mind as you read this… you definitely don’t have to just live with it! Your body is healthy, resilient, and stronger than you realize. There is so much potential that can be unlocked with physical therapy to help you live your life without pain. 

What are your goals for a more vibrant, energetic life? We would love to help you achieve them. Reach out to us to get started with in-person visits or telehealth. You will be amazed how much virtual visits can help! We can’t wait to help you feel better.